Welcome to the Wiki page for the Tales of Terra-Gaia: Campaign Setting. This wiki will be used instead of a traditional source book on the Setting.

Below are the current Standards for each of the Campaigns I am running with this setting.

Rule Books Allowed: Pathfinder Core Rule Book, Advanced Players Handbook, Ultimate Combat, Ultimate Magic.
Emphasis: 75% Story/Roleplay/Puzzles, 25% Combat
Format: Play By Post
Starting Level: 1st level using standard rolls rules. 4d6, drop the lowest result, repeat 6 times and arrange score a desired.
Starting Characters: Starting gold is maxed depending on your class, all races and classes found in the allow rulebooks may be used.
Alignment Restriction As had been a issue with previous games and players, all characters must fit into alignments: Lawful Good, Lawful Neutral, Neutral Good, True Neutral, and Chaotic Good.
Firearms: Emerging Firearms

The Tales of Terra-Gaia